COOGHI 3in1 Ride-on Toddler Scooters, 3 LED Wheels, T-bar Adjustable, Lean-to-Steer, Ages 1-5


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3 Rides For Ages 1-5 In One Box: From 10months-2 years old, choose walking bike with parent push rod and reinforced anti-slip composite seat (RCMD rider's height 32-35in/83-89cm). At age 2-3, remove the pushrod for a ride-on scooter with T-bar (RCMD rider's height 35-38in/89-99cm). At age 3-5, convert the ride-on scooter to the mini kick scooter (RCMD rider's height within 46.5in/118cm). Seat load up to 44lbs, deck load up to 110lbs.

Lean-to-Steer: COOGHI 3-wheeled Kids Scooter with Lean-To-Steer design, offers a stable ride that supports toddlers and small children as they master balance and coordination. Toddlers can make a turn easily just by leaning their bodies in the direction they want to turn. The strong ride-on scooter yet extremely lightweight gift is perfect for a young child.

Fun and Easy to Assemble: The battery-free light-up wheels bring more fun! Also, the quiet, smooth-gliding, non-marking wheels can be used indoors and out. Easy to assemble, no tools needed!

Grow Up with Little Ones: Two parts of the infant scooter is adjustable to fit the different height of toddlers and parents. Pushrod(28.54-36.22 in),handlebar(24-26 in)

Customer Service: Offering an outstanding 2-year manufacturer's technical support and award-winning customer service, combined with replaceable parts, your COOGHI scooter is sure to last, virtually forever!

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