Cooghi V4 Classic 4-in-1 Kids Scooter

Color - Cooghi Green
Cooghi V4 4-in-1 Classic Kids Scooter is designed with Lean-To-Steer to provide a stable riding experience and help toddlers & kids to master balance and coordination more scientifically. It has 4 modes includes: kids scooter mode, balance bike mode, baby stroller mode, and baby walker mode. Cooghi ushered in a new era of foldable kids scooters.

Weight: 3.8kg

● 4 Modes: Balance Bike/ Scooter/ Baby Stroller/ Baby Walker
● Easily to switch 4 modes, no tool needed.
● Added fences and pedals based on V3
● Lean-to-steer Scooter
● Simply fold up & assembly
● Quick-release adjustable T-bar (handlebar) grows with your child
● Lightweight & Strong material - Aluminum Alloy material
● Silicone handle gloves, soft and skin-friendly
● Geometry and parts engineered for kids proportions
● Cooghi unique colour & Imitation sports car line design
● Loved by 300000+ families in 23 countries

● Ideal Child Height: 76-110cm

● Age Range: 1-5

● Adjustable height in different modes:
✔ Scooter mode height: (handle distance from the ground)
▸ Level 1: 61cm
▸ Level 2: 63.2cm
▸ Level 3: 65.5cm
✔ Balance bike & Baby Stroller mode height: (handle distance from the ground)
▸ Level 1: 38.5cm
▸ Level 2: 40.5cm
▸ Level 3: 42.5cm

● Fence : Length: 30.5cm/ Width: 27cm/ Thickness: 3cm
Feet: Length: 22.5cm/ Foldable length: 9cm

● Seat height adjustment range: (the seat cushion to the ground)

● Putter height adjustment range: 71-93cm

● Load bearing:
Seat cushion:≤ 20kg

● Seat plate width: about 11cm
Pedal width: about 12cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
karen marshand

This scooter was for my kid who is 1, and she absolutely loved it. She would not stop riding on it at all! We had to (quite literally) take her off the scooter and back home ourselves! My other child also wanted to give it a go, and she had the same reaction, loved it!

Sharyn Seegobin

my son saw this, and he so loves this. So I got him one. and it was worth the purchase. we love it mostly my son. he was so happy and grateful with it. exactly what he asked for. love the colors and the lightning wheels. I could also use it. Very sturdy.

Mindy Kerwood
A great beginners scooter

I bought this for my grandsons 2nd birthday and he loves it!!! Took him no time at all to be riding it all over. I like that it is adjustable and will grow with him. Good quality and sturdiness. Highly recommend.

D. Hunter

Great scooter for my 3 yr old boy. The option to sit is great for that age so he can ride both ways as he learns to navigate. The stirring is a little difficult for that age since it uses body weight more than just turning the handle. Overall a great option.

James A Julian
Fun present for a 2-year old

This was a gift for our 2-year old's birthday. She loves it and has had fun learning how to balance on it. It has even withstood the occasional ride from her teenage older siblings.